Royal Hotel - New Revised Planning Application

The impressive revised plan includes a realignment of all floor levels to improve circulation area within the building and also the appearance of the frontage.
The new 5th floor penthouse apartments have been designed to be set back and unobstructive from the surrounding Victorian context.
The proposed mansard roof is in keeping with the Marine Court's Mansard roof and fits well within the surrounding area.


The Royal Quays - formerly  the "Royal Hotel"

Ground Floor Plan showing the proposed 25 car-parking spaces

Previous application now redundant due to revised plan with reconstructed frontage

Another grand but derelict building awaiting some tender, loving care.

Planning permission to transform the building into a mixed development of 21 residential apartments and 4 restaurant units (ground floor) was granted in October 2018. However, the commencement of work was prohibited until a “Discharge of Condition 10” was met which basically meant that the developer had to produce an archaeological survey and a subsequent programme of archaeological works before construction can commence. This understandable took some time for the developers to produce but in June 2020 the survey was submitted to the planning office but strangely the letter of acknowledgement wasn't uploaded to the planning portal until 29th December 2020. So hopefully our Council and the relevant authorities can expedite a response within the next few weeks or months.



Bangor’s iconic Royal Hotel building, which has been derelict for 4 years, has been bought by Expedia Capital, a Northern Ireland development and regeneration company, who plan to turn it into 21 high quality apartments with four ground floor restaurant units.

The scheme is estimated to costs £3 million and 40 jobs are expected to be created during the construction phase with 50 long-term jobs created in the restaurant units.

The current frontage of the existing building will be retained, part of the high quality regeneration plan for the project.

The upper floors will be converted into 21 high-quality turn-key apartments with the ground floor transformed into four modern restaurant units.

A planning application is scheduled to be submitted in the coming weeks.

John Ferris from the Expedia Capital said, "We are delighted to be able to bring life back to an iconic Bangor building, which enjoys terrific views over the Irish Sea and sustain it for future generations".

"The scheme will help in the ongoing and successful regeneration of the Bangor seafrontand bring further life to the town's marine quarter.

"A key part of the plan is to preserve the frontage of the Royal Hotel building and we are confident that the redevelopment will add to the commercial life of Bangor."

Archaeological Survey supplied to the Council by the Applicant

Royal Hotel Archaeological Survey
A contextual study of the proposed development site
Royal Archaeological Survey.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
Artist Impression of the new Royal Quays
Hi Res Royal Image.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]

Composite image:-

New look overlayed with existing building.

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