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January 2024


The Council has released an "Opportunity Prospectus" for Pickie Funpark - a bold vision for the future! This ambitious plan is part of the Bangor Waterfront Development, backed by funding from the Belfast Region City Deal. Here's what's in store:


 In a significant development for local entertainment, the Council has unveiled an "Opportunity Prospectus" for the transformation of Pickie Funpark. This initiative forms a crucial part of the Bangor Waterfront Development and is supported by funding from the Belfast Region City Deal. The plan outlines a comprehensive revamp of the park, promising an array of attractions suitable for all ages and weather conditions.

The proposed masterplan for Pickie Funpark includes several innovative features. Among them is the introduction of all-weather facilities and an increase in the park's capacity. Notably, the lagoon area is set to offer 'Zorbing', an activity that allows usage even during cooler and damp days, catering to individuals from ages 5 to adults.

In a move towards sustainability, the park plans to replace the splash pad with a Fog Park & Lounge Area, which will use at least 20% less water. This new feature is designed for a broad age range, starting from 3 years old to adults, and will include hammock seating as an alternative to the existing planters. Additionally, the park will introduce a Climbing Wall, aiming to attract young adults and adults alike.

Development Zone 1 is set to bring a novel experience with 'pop-up' seasonal funfair offers, providing layered entertainment suitable for families, teenagers, and adults. Another exciting addition is the Enchanted Forest, to be built in the terraced area. This feature is expected to offer light displays and evening events, catering to visitors from ages 3 to adults.

The park's enhancement continues with the Mini Golf and Forest Adventure, an expansion planned above the existing mini-golf course, and Development Zone 2, including an insulated, heated, well-ventilated, and acoustically treated indoor arena. This versatile space is intended for hosting a variety of events, ranging from sports like futsal and basketball to cultural events, including concerts and art exhibitions, as well as seasonal festivities.

Furthermore, the park will introduce a bike bike-hiring service to improve accessibility and connectivity, with the cycle route and bike-hire station located outside the Pickie fence. The existing Café pavilion is also set to undergo an expansion to accommodate approximately 90 people under a new canopy extension.

A notable enhancement is planned for the Pickie Puffer train, with an extension that will allow for a continuous path around the park. The transformation journey is expected to commence with operator selection in early 2024, led by the Council and V4 Services. The actual transformation of Pickie Funpark is scheduled to begin in March 2025, marking a new era for this beloved local attraction.

Pickie Funpark ...for a great family day out.

Pedal Boats at Pickie Fun Park
Family fun at Pickie Fun Park
Beach huts and splash pools at Pickie Fun Park

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