Bangor Waterfront Redevelopment

Bangor Waterfront Redevelopment

financed partly by Belfast City Deal investment

The Bangor Waterfront Development is an ambitious proposal to redevelop a two-mile stretch of the seafront (from Skippingstone beach to Ballyholme beach) with the aim of re-establishing Bangor as a thriving town and prime visitor attraction in Northern Ireland.  This will provide opportunities for the wider borough as more people choose to explore the area and, particularly, our local coastline. 

Key elements of the scheme include the redevelopment of Bangor Marina, development of a “Bangor by the Sea” attraction, new greenways and coastal paths linking people, place and sea, reimaging Ballyholme beach and creating new artwork and public realm. Not only will this work enhance the attractiveness of the area and support wider regeneration, but it will create a new destination, encouraging more visitors and residents to enjoy the captivating coastline in new and different ways.

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Promotional video for Ards and North Down Borough Council & Bangor Marine outlining key features of Bangor's redevelopment programme. (videography by Gary McCormick)

Wayne Hemingway - Bangor Regeneration Renewed Ambition Webinar

Importance of the City Deal Project for Bangor Seafront (Part 1)

Importance of the City Deal Project for Bangor Seafront (Part 2)

Wayne Hemmingway Discusses the Regeneration of Bangor

Bangor Marina


Bangor Marina is the largest 5-star marina development on the Island of Ireland, which attracts a considerable amount of vessels and has achieved Blue-Flag status. Some of the associated infrastructure is critical for the Marina to operate safely and effectively and cannot be moved, however a level of redesign will enable us to increase the number of seafaring visitors to Bangor and to open up the space, making it easier for people to enjoy the sea views.

Our proposals recommend redeveloping Bregenz House as a mixed-use development in a new cluster with iconic and high-quality architecture.

The redesign will include additional public access with dropped boardwalks, seating and viewing areas and the opportunity for cafés/ restaurants integrated into the Marina.

There is also an opportunity to integrate with the plans for the private sector-led Queen’s Parade development, to create a new marine gardens with formal and informal spaces for events and activities, further supporting the leisure and creative sectors within Bangor.

Pickie Fun Park


Pickie holds a host of great memories for families from the Bangor area and beyond.  The giant Pickie pedal swans have become an iconic feature on the Waterfront landscape.  With some enhancements and new features we think it can continue to attract and delight families for many more years to come.

We are proposing the development of new all-weather attractions for both children and young adults, and feature landscaping so it better integrates with the new public realm along the coastline.

An extension to the Pickie Puffer (train ride), that will take visitors from Pickie to the Queen’s Parade area is also part of the proposals.

Kingsland/Ballyholme Yacht Club & Sports Centre

We believe this peninsula affords the opportunity to create a state-of-the-art destination for sports, accommodation and relaxation; a waterfront park to rival the best in Europe.

It is home to Ballyholme Yacht Club (BYC), which has been identified as the preferred location within Northern Ireland for major sailing and watersports events by the Royal Yachting Association. The redevelopment of

BYC would provide Bangor with a world class facility for water sports and the ability to host international events.

Supporting this, we propose to enhance the area as a hub for residents and visitors alike.  We envisage waterfront tourism accommodation pods, café kiosks, and a skate park (now an Olympic sport) set in landscaped gardens.

There is also potential for a small cluster of high quality residential development to the south of the area.

The Music Hub

The creativity of its people, from earliest times to present day musicians and producers, is a key part of Bangor’s DNA. The borough inspires and supports many key influencers within the music industry including Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club, Foy Vance, Hannah Peel and Lowden Guitars. Ards and North Down is also home to several successful companies involved in TV/film music production.


Independent charity, Open House, has ambitious plans to regenerate Bangor Court House as a permanent home for the Open House Festival and a much-needed multipurpose venue serving the town. Through grants and crowdfunding activity, Open House had secured the funds for their plans, which we can describe as Phase 1.


Having considered a range of options for a music hub as part of the Waterfront Development, we are proposing further developing and building on the Open House plans to create a Phase 2. This will see the capacity of the building double in size to include additional event and performance spaces and creative work spaces that will further ensure the sustainability of the venue as a significant music and creative hub for the Borough.

Public Realm

Bangor’s coastline and stunning sea views have been referenced time and time again during our consultations as the town’s most significant selling points – but they should be enhanced sympathetically, sustainably, beautifully and
in ways that people of all ages can have the opportunity to embrace and enjoy them.

We recognise that and so propose to make a significant investment in new public realm features along this 2.2 miles stretch, making the everyday spaces that people move through, and linger within, as attractive as they can be;
‘instagram-able’ to use today’s social media language.

Travelling from Skippingstone in the west to Ballyholme in the east (or vice versa) should be a real voyage of discovery and we intend to use creative signage, pathways and artistic features to encourage more people to enjoy the journey.

Particular attention will be given to: Skippingstone Beach (multi-use pods for beach activities, accessibility features, feature lighting/benches), Kingsland (café kiosks,  skate park) and Ballyholme (watersports opportunities, feature lighting/ surfacing.

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